Welcome to our blog. My hope is that you’ll learn more about the product and our Kickstarter campaign (coming September 2017) with stories of business and manifestation mixed in.

If you’re interested, you can read my bio here but here’s the highlight reel… No one would have predicted the last forty years of my personal journey. Not my parents, not my teachers and definitely not me. If I had been told when I graduated high school that I would go on to launch several companies, sell over one billion dollars in consumer products, and travel the world doing it, I probably would have laughed! I’ve done that and more and I owe my success to a very simple manifestation process.

I have a large combined family, have been in sales management for over 25 years, wrote a screen play in 2015 and recently penned a book about manifesting your dreams (more on that another time). Along the way I’ve had many “Aha! moments,” amazing personal and professional mentors, and the highs and lows that all entrepreneurs endure along the way to success. Through it all I remain passionate and enjoy the thrill that accompanies the manifestation process. Most of all I am simply amazed at how much I am still learning!

So why Muvit and why now? Because there had/has to be a better way. I was once the single dad schlepping sports equipment, coolers, chairs and more. I was tired of multiple trips, sweating, stressing and the overall inconvenience. I thought to myself “I’m going fix this problem” so I’ve been working on Muvit behind the scenes for several years and visualizing a successful launch. There are utilitarian carts and wagons on the market but there is nothing as universal and easy to use and transport as the “Muvit”. And over the next few months you’ll learn more about the product and why I’m asking you to support the project and hopefully purchase one. Ultimately, I want to help people move their stuff with greater ease and spend more time living and less time lugging. In other words, don’t let your stuff get in the way of your life. Thanks for reading and following our journey!